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Foodbike’s Original

Foodbike’s Original


The best hot dogs are the ultimate comfort food, and that’s exactly what we aim to bring to you. Our hot dog has a uniquely delectable flavor that only our customer’s can describe! Some might say it’s how they’re grilled, others are convinced it’s the formulation itself that lends its tasty monstrosity! Made out of 100% juicy and thick meat, there’s just nothing quite like the taste of our hot dogs.


For the caffeine addicts, we have a blend of top notch Arabica beans from three region compresses into one, a dark roast aromatic flavor that gives a hint of earthy and rich flavor makes a show stopping cup of coffee freshly brewed from our cart. Remember, everything tastes better with a cup of coffee from us.


We also serve a wonderland of pastries from scrumptious chocolate, vanilla and blueberry muffins to fluffy pastry puffs which come with choices of either savory or sweet, we’ll let you have the pick!

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