About Us

Operating as a social enterprise, Foodbike aims to impact the economic growth of underprivileged community and enabling them to own a franchise. Foodbike is a humble upgrade to our local street hawkers as it has the ability to move up to 25km/h. Bring your café with you wherever you wish! What’s more, its’ unique and picturesque design will help to boost branding and increase the outreach of potential customers. Foodbike is your best solution to a great impact within the community, grow your entrepreneurial skills with training provided and achieve a sustainable income increase.

Foodbike’s initiative focuses on supporting the underprivileged community who may face barriers to break out of the cycle of poverty. We aim to provide a legitimate pathway for disadvantaged people to gain valuable skills and engage in a real work environment.

The main objective is to nurture these individuals to change their standard of living and become contributing members of society by being a part of the Foodbike team. Foodbike provides in-house training and programs which emphasizes sustainability to get them fully equipped to be a Foodbiker and to chase their dreams, once and for all!